All Star is proud to serve the United States in concrete Flooring services. We provide designated crews that break out into 2 main work forces: Commercial and Residential.

  • Commercial Work

ASCP carries commercial teams that are equipped for larger projects. These teams are fast-paced and flexible about coordinating around other contractors. These commercial teams meet the needs of adapting to the jobs environment/ location while prioritizing their efficiency to meet the clients timeline. 

At ASCP, we also recognize the importance of quality and if requested from our clients, we provide special services of final cleanings or final passes of polishing right before turn-over of the project. At all times, our team members will pick up after themselves and wear necessary safety gear for their protection. These team members guarantee professionalism and quality at every single job. 



When it comes to providing concrete services for private homes, condos, and apartments; ASCP manages teams rehearsed in providing professional work for our clients private living spaces.  

We understand efficiency is essential in allowing our clients to return to their daily routine as quickly as possible. 

ASCP also recognizes communication with our clients is vital for situations such as clarifying incoming/outgoing crews, timeline urgencies, and available working hours.   

ASCP guarantees our teams will always meet the clients needs and go above and beyond in providing 5 star services. 



We are grateful for each client that chooses All Star as their concrete flooring expert, and we guarantee great service and full-satisfaction every time. 


All Star has a close business relationship with top suppliers for flooring materials/machinery and this allows our company to be knowledgeable in our services, as well as, provide a great price to our clients. 


We love expanding our company's client base; although our company is located in the great state of Texas, we are happy to dispatch traveling teams who can provide nationwide work without limitations!